Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

What happens when you drive 10 hours to be with your grandparents, they have a really cool treadmill that you think does not work, so you let your kids play on it?

You end up in the Emergency Room in American Fork, Utah at 11pm at night. That is what happens!

We got to my grandparents around 6pm. Then we went to the mountains for a picnic with all my cousins. We got home and me and my grandma went downstairs to get the boys ready for bed. I put Fayth straight to bed, and then after their shower I brushed their teeth. They started playing on the treadmill, and I really did not even think about it. I was so tired and having a conversation with my grandma. She did tell them, that it was broken, and they could play on it and walk on it to make it go manually. Well, as I was in the bathroom next to the room with treadmill in it, I heard a horrible sound. Basically Ty screaming mixed with a loud crash and the sound of the treadmill going. Luckily my grandma was in the room, and stopped the treadmill right away. But when Ty turned it on, it was on full speed and of course knocked his feet out from under him...causing him to face plant, and then be shot off the treadmill. He must have hit the wall, and then his face was stuck in between the wall and the treadmill, causing burns to his face. When he fell face first, he bit all the way through his bottom lip, and knocked a few of his top baby teeth loose. Right after it happened he was screaming! Blood was pouring from his nose and mouth. It was so scary. Casey ran downstairs and we determined that he had bit through his lip. So we took him to the ER. He did amazing, and the ER staff there was very impressed with him. They had to numb his lip with novacaine, and I heard the nurse ask the doctor if they needed to bring in straps to hold him down. Well, this got me freaked out! I turned completely white, and the nurse asked ME if I was okay. Of course I lied and said I was great. They did not bring in restraints, but they brought in two nurses to hold him down...but he did not move, did not cry, did not make a sound as they gave him four shots in his lip! He is so brave and tough. Luckily he has healed amazingly, and we were able to do all the fun things we had planned. Here he is the next day, at the aquarium.

His mouth was very swollen, so he had to eat soft things and drink through a straw. But everyday the swelling went down more and more. So thankful he wasn't more seriously injured. As for our trip, we had a great time. Here is my grandma with all her great grandkids, minus two week old Owen who was in the stroller.

We all had a great time! So fun to be with family!

Here they are will all five of their great grand children. One more coming in December! I know..they don't look old enough right? As you can see, Ty's face was much better by the last day we were there. We learned a lesson the hard way, never play on exercise equipment no matter what! Tytan wouldn't even go in the same room as the treadmill for the rest of the trip! But we were so happy to spend time with my family that we don't get to see nearly enough. We are truly blessed!


Cherise said...

Oh my Brynn! That makes me want to cry. I am glad he is ok and that it wasn't worse! Crazy things always happen with boys! I hope he heals well and feels better!

Katie's Krazy Klan said...

Poor boy! He didn't look as bad via phone picture...but he really WAS swollen!! Glad he's feeling better now. I'm finding this whole "boy" thing out....they are so rough on themselves!!! I guess the girls will give me a run for my money when they are teens....and the boys while they are young!

The Porters said...

Oh! I think Levi had some bad accidents like that- He bit through his lip a couple of different times! That is too bad it happened while you guys were on vacation!

Kristine Thompson said...

SO sad! I'm glad he's ok. Treadmills can be so dangerous. Are you having another boy? I think i heard that. When are you due? I'm going to have another one in April, I don't know what it is yet. Love you!

Candace said...

That was such a sad picture! Glad he's ok! You guys were so close to us then. Next time you come out this way let us know and we'll meet up and do something fun if you have the time. We'll be in CO for thanksgiving!