Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tytan's First Day of Kindergarten....take 2

I am not even going to go into a long apology about why I have been such a blog slacker...but, I am going to try to get back into it. So here it goes!

We decided to have Tytan do Kindergarten again. He was the very youngest in his class, starting Kindergarten when he was just four. So this will be really good for him. Not only to be the oldest in his class, but to gain some confidence and develop his core knowledge even more. He was very excited for the day.

The schedule for Kindergarten changed this year. Which worked out perfectly for Ty. It will make it seem different to him. Instead of five half days, he goes Tuesday and Thursday and every other Friday ALL DAY! He even gets to eat lunch at school. He was very excited about that, and to pick out his favorite colored lunch box.

Tanner and Fayth were excited for Tytan too!

His teacher is Mrs. Davis. She has been so nice and welcoming to Tytan. She asked the students to bring their favorite stuffed animal, so Tytan brought Nemo.

He had a great day! He said it did not feel long at all. He loved going to lunch and especially the note I wrote him on his napkin. He looks WAY older then most the kids in his class. But I know as the years go by, it won't be such a noticeable difference. And it will only be to his benefit.

Fayth really loves BOTH her brothers. She would ask for Tytan all day. And when he got home she was talking to him non stop. And all the sudden she said, "Ty miss you!" It was sweet. She is going to have the hardest transition this year, with both her brothers and Dad being at school. She understands the concept now, and would really love to go to school herself. Good thing she loves her brothers so a new one will arrive in December!!!


C said...

We are expecting another boy in October.
Glad the boys are so excited about school!

Amy G said...

Your kids are so cute! Faith has gotten so big. Exciting to start school for the boys. Ethan starts kinder this year...actually August 30th! He will be an older kindergartener as his birthday is in February. The school he is going to is full day kinder from 8-2. It is long....but this old mother is a little excited to send him to all-day school! I hope he does well! Good luck with your new school year! And congrats on the new little boy coming in December!

Katie's Krazy Klan said...

It's about FREAKIN' time! Do you know how many times I have checked your blog just to find a x-mas post!!! Ok, you're forgiven! The pics are so cute! We have the same lunchbox in pink! Funny. Hope Ty enjoys Kindergarten as much this is nice that the schedule is different for him this year too! He's such a good looking boy!! HAiley's lucky to marry him....someday!!!