Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silly Girl

Here is some video I took this morning. Fayth was trying to be clever. Notice how she looks at Tanner for his reaction. Pay no attention to her messy face from breakfast, or my deep voice from a cold.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tytan turns 6

He is getting too old. What can I say? But he really is more than I ever could of hoped for in a son.

His favorite gift was his skateboard. He loves it, and he is naturally good at it. Again...he is getting so big! I had an emotional day for sure.

These are my little helpers making cupcakes to take to Ty's class.


Did you notice that Tanner's face is covered in mosquito bites? Or the huge pile of dirty laundry in the hall? Just click on the picture to make it will notice!

Despite the never ending laundry, the frosting I made that Tanner informed me looked like snot, or the toy I bought at Kohl's that was supposed to change colors but never did....the most important thing is making these precious faces happy. And letting them know I love them more then I could ever say! I really don't think I could have asked for better children, if I had hand picked them myself!

See what I mean?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time for Preschool

Busy week, and two posts in one day? WOW! Tanner is going to preschool at a local high school this year. (No, not Casey's school...he is being a traitor!) But he gets to go Monday through Thursday, in the afternoons. It will be great for him!

Is it just me, or do these two look like twins?
Tanner's school even has its own playground, but he informed me the slide is too slow!

He was more than ready to go! His teacher seems very sweet. And as soon as I signed him in, he ran right into the room and began an obstacle course. Although, he was sweet enough to come back and give me a kiss!

Tytan's First Day of Kindergarten....take 2

I am not even going to go into a long apology about why I have been such a blog slacker...but, I am going to try to get back into it. So here it goes!

We decided to have Tytan do Kindergarten again. He was the very youngest in his class, starting Kindergarten when he was just four. So this will be really good for him. Not only to be the oldest in his class, but to gain some confidence and develop his core knowledge even more. He was very excited for the day.

The schedule for Kindergarten changed this year. Which worked out perfectly for Ty. It will make it seem different to him. Instead of five half days, he goes Tuesday and Thursday and every other Friday ALL DAY! He even gets to eat lunch at school. He was very excited about that, and to pick out his favorite colored lunch box.

Tanner and Fayth were excited for Tytan too!

His teacher is Mrs. Davis. She has been so nice and welcoming to Tytan. She asked the students to bring their favorite stuffed animal, so Tytan brought Nemo.

He had a great day! He said it did not feel long at all. He loved going to lunch and especially the note I wrote him on his napkin. He looks WAY older then most the kids in his class. But I know as the years go by, it won't be such a noticeable difference. And it will only be to his benefit.

Fayth really loves BOTH her brothers. She would ask for Tytan all day. And when he got home she was talking to him non stop. And all the sudden she said, "Ty miss you!" It was sweet. She is going to have the hardest transition this year, with both her brothers and Dad being at school. She understands the concept now, and would really love to go to school herself. Good thing she loves her brothers so a new one will arrive in December!!!