Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fayth turns 1

It is truly amazing to me, how in one year's time a baby can go from this

to this...

It has honestly been the fastest year of my life. Fayth has been a joy, a light, and a blessing to our family. She has made Tytan and Tanner brothers of a sister. And it has been great to watch the bonds form between them. I think she will be very lucky to have them watching over her throughout her life.

She is developing her own personality, which is truly all girl. She loves for you to feel bad for her when she gets hurt or scared. She already knows how to feed her new baby its bottle. She has always had the most delicate and girly hands, which I love. She is a little chatterbox and I am afraid for what we are in for once she can form sentences. But it really has been wonderful for me to have a daughter. When she was first born, I didn't feel any differently towards her then my boys. The love is the same regardless of gender. But now, it is fun to be able to take her in the kitchen and talk to her about what I am making. Or to let her play with my makeup and talk to her about how I am putting it on. And of course, great to dress her in girl clothes. But I just love her spirit. And I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me the opportunity to raise such great children. It is a great responsibility. But, one that Casey and I hope to make the best of. I am so happy Fayth is here! She is our "Baby Lady" and our little Butterfly. Each day her wings get a little bit bigger.