Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sports Galore!

This past Thursday was a busy day for us. Tanner started soccer, for the first time. And Tytan started t-ball. I got a brief glimpse into the future of shuttling kids back and forth between practices and games. I know it is only a fraction of what is to come. But it was fun, and I love watching my kids learn, grow, and have fun!

Here is Tanner all ready to go to soccer. He was very excited! He is wearing Ty's soccer shorts (that is one thing that stinks about being the little brother). But he did get his very own soccer "cleats". Thank you Good Will....$2.99.
Some things I observed about Tanner is that he would like to watch from the back of the group, and never get in the middle. He is very focused, and slow. He has always been slow. He does not really understand the meaning of hurry! Tytan was so excited when Tanner started his first drill. He would yell, "Go Tanner! Go get the ball!" It was so cute. Tanner was so proud of himself. The coach told the kids to pretend the ball was an onion, and the goal was a pot of soup. To which Tanner said loudly and seriously, " I don't like onions or tomatoes".

Later that evening was Ty's first t-ball practice. Casey, Seth, and Larry are all helping out with coaching this year. Ty was ready with his baseball glare.

Because of their green shirts, they are called the Hitting Hulks!

Some things I saw about Tytan this year, is his focus has gotten much better. He still has a ways to go, but I think it is greatly improved. He has great form and balance! He wants to be the best baseball player, just like his dad.

Fayth watched her first of many practices. And she was very good! Pretty soon she will be the boys biggest cheerleader!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Bathtime is always fun around here. As you can tell, they just got in and weren't clean yet. But I couldn't resist the photo op!