Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Lesson From Tanner

I contemplated whether or not I should put this story on my blog, but I couldn't resist! We were at the gas station and there was a Wonder Bread truck. Tytan asked me what was inside that truck, and I told him bread. Then there was another plain white truck, and when Ty asked me what was inside it I told him I did not know. He then said, "Maybe it is a poo poo truck." And he snickered. Before I had the chance to lecture him, Tanner yelled very loudly and seriously, " TYTAN! WE DO NOT SAY THAT! JESUS WOULDN'T WANT US TO SAY THAT, YOU STUPID PEE PEE!" Umm...I have never heard those words out of Tanner's mouth and I honestly had to hold back my laughter. And I said, "Tanner, would Jesus want you to say stupid pee pee?" He replied, "" Boys....they love those potty words don't they?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catch Up

Well, the last couple of weeks have been busy and fun. I have felt overwhelmed by all I needed to post, so that is why it has been awhile. But we had a great Christmas. Santa brought the boys what they wanted...and then some!

Tanner got the firefighter helmet he asked for!

Tytan got a new bike, in his favorite color and everything! He can ride it all by himself now, and is just working on turning and stopping.

Santa didn't forget about Fayth either! A new outfit and some toys...which she still can't hold but she likes to hear them rattle.

Oh...and here are some photos from Christmas Eve. We always have a nice dinner and program at Casey's parents house.

Casey had a total of two weeks off, so we did lots of fun things (I was bad at taking pictures over the break) like go to movies, Monkey Bizness, the mall, a fun place called The White Fence Barn, and hang out with family. My sister even came to visit right before Christmas and it was so fun seeing her!

In case you are wondering what Santa brought us...well he saved his funding for gifts for the kids. BUT, thanks to Casey's parents he got an Ipod Touch that he has been wanting forever, and thanks to my amazing parents we got this:

Wow, right? Yea, we thought so!

2008 was a great year for us. We look forward to 2009 and the adventures it will bring us. The greatest part of 2008 was for sure this little ray of sunshine...

That is the smile I get to wake up to every single morning. We are so blessed! We hope 2009 is your year to shine! :)