Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last week we had the opportunity to go on a family vacation to Durango! We met my parents, sister, and brothers. It was so great to be together as a family. It was only a six hour drive for us, and our first official road trip in our new van. Everything was perfect! My parents rented an amazing house for us to all stay in. We are lucky enough to get to always live in beautiful Colorado, but Durango is even extra breathtaking .

This is me and the boys in the front yard of the house, on the first morning we woke up there.

Papa and Tanner swinging in the hammock together.

The highlight of the trip, for Ty, was catching his first fish. He is trying to be brave while he and his Dad cleaned the fish out. But it was really gross and making him gag! Poor guy!

Tytan and my brother Mark being tough!

Jacob, my little brother, having some glowstick fun with the boys!

I took Tytan and Tanner to Honeyville, while the others went whitewater rafting. They got to see a beehive and eat honeysticks.

Love from Grandma!

We stayed an extra night in a hotel.We swam and had a pizza party!

My Dad is missing from this picture, because he is always behind the camera, but it was such a great trip! We made a lot of fun memories and I loved getting to spend time with all of my family. Families are Forever!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ty's first Tball Game

My little boy is growing up! He got to play in his first tball game yesterday. His Uncle Seth is the coach, and Ty wasn't going to play because he missed the age deadline by a month. But, they had a boy quit and so Seth was nice enough to let Ty join the team! He was really excited and did great! It seems like he is growing so fast lately. It makes me sad for some reason. I want him to stay little forever. But I am excited that this was the first of MANY baseball games that I will get to watch him play in.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Casey Remembers the Good Ol' Days!

Casey got to compete in another city league fast pitch baseball game tonight. He had some really nice base hits! He got hit by the ball in the back, which resulted in a walk. Plus, he had some PERFECT slides! And then he got to do what he does best...pitch! He did a great job, even with having to get the hang of pitching under 60 mph. And to end it on a high note, he struck the last batter out. It was so much fun watching him, and seeing a glimpse of what he must have been like in his glory days! So, not only can he talk the talk as a coach...but he can also walk the walk as a player! We are proud of him!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Something about Tanner...

I obviously love both of my boys so much. They are so unique and different, and I enjoy learning new things about them daily. There is something about Tanner...and I can't quite put it into words, but he is truly his own little man! He always has a sweaty head and so I used my fingers to curl his hair over, like the picture you see above, and we just had the greatest laugh over it! His personality is so funny, but in a serious way...which really makes no sense, but if you know him you understand.

This is a picture from today. He insisted on wearing Ty's boxers, then he has started putting on Casey's socks and limping around pretending he has broken legs. And he is always searching through his closet and drawers to find the most random things that he wants to wear, such as the above beanie. He is always making us laugh! Tytan is so different then Tanner, because with Ty what you see is what you get. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he is almost always happy. Tanner, is more complex. I mean, I am still learning about him all the time, and I don't always fully understand him. I never know what to expect with Tanner. One minute he can be in such a bad mood, only to find him 5 minutes later snuggling with me, and telling me he loves me. I absolutely love the differences in my boys. They truly are born with their own personalities. One of the biggest joys I have is discovering just who they are, inside and out. I look forward to a new, unique, and different personality through our newest addition to the family. I really have no idea what she will be like, and it is so exciting to know that I will be entrusted AGAIN with another little spirit. It will change our lives and our family, and I feel truly blessed.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

We had a fun Fourth! It was a long day full of excitement! It started at 9am, Casey was invited to be in a city league baseball tournament. Well, they kept winning and ended up playing about 5 games in a row! They made it to the championship, but lost by 1 point! Casey played shortstop, and then pitched the last two games. It was really fun watching him. He did great! It was a hot day for us Coloradoans. And there was hardly any shade at all on this field. So we were HOT, but we brought our cooler and kept reapplying the sunscreen! Then we headed to the Castle Rock 4th of July Celebration. It was the first year they had it, and we decided to try it out. It was totally free and the boys had a good time.

Ty and Tanner both went down the waterslide. I couldn't take Tanner's picture, though, because Casey took him up the ladder and I caught him at the bottom.
The boys were very into a Police K-9 dog show. They especially liked seeing the police dog chase the "bad guy" in the big padded suit!

We had "front row"seats for the fireworks. Tanner did not like it, at first. He thought they were too loud and he couldn't understand who was "blowing" the fireworks off. But he finally relaxed and enjoyed it. After every purple firework he would tell me, "That is your favorite color!" Tytan loved all the green fireworks, but fell asleep before they were over. It was a nice day together as a family, but we won't be going back to this particular 4th of July event again! I am glad we did it, for the boys to have the experience, since they are at the perfect age. But it was super crowded, the fireworks were a major let down without even a finale!!! And the worst part was leaving, the parking patrol was so lame and we stood completely still in the parking for 40 minutes!!! It took us an hour to get home, when it took 10 minutes to get there. But luckily the boys were sound asleep in their carseats. I was so exhausted from the day that I fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow. Casey is so sore from playing baseball he can hardly walk today!! haha It was a fun day though, full of memories...which is the whole point to holidays, right? I am glad we went to the event, because I know our kids had a great time. It really makes me gain a new perspective on all the fun things my parents did with us growing up. We never knew it, but half the time they were probably having anything BUT fun! And now we continue with that legacy. The fun really lies in seeing the excitement on our kids faces! Happy Fourth everyone!