Sunday, June 29, 2008


Tytan did a face plant this afternoon, right into the sidewalk! He came away with a pretty nasty road rash, and of course it was right on his scar from when he had stitches a year ago. He cried pretty hard, but not for very long. He was riding on a little razor scooter and he was going very fast, he hit a crack in the sidewalk and went down face first. He did kind of stop himself with his elbows, so that probably saved him from worse problems...but it stung pretty bad for the rest of the night! He pretty much thinks he is Tony Hawk, as opposed to a 3 year old boy. So when little boys act like big boys, they get big boy wounds! He is fine though, just another exciting story to tell...and some cool pictures to remember it by!


Kristine Thompson said...

I hate when kids get hurt he is so cute, so sad.

Lindsey, Dan & Revin said...

Ouch! It sounds like he is a dare devil just like my little Revin. Your little boys are so cute! Congratulations on you guys expecting a girl, that will be so fun!

Fergulicous said...

How sad! I actually love the Host. I've always love x-files growing up so this book is definetly my type of book. I just read the part where she went and got medicine. Anyways, that's funny Nancy hated it!