Sunday, June 29, 2008


Tytan did a face plant this afternoon, right into the sidewalk! He came away with a pretty nasty road rash, and of course it was right on his scar from when he had stitches a year ago. He cried pretty hard, but not for very long. He was riding on a little razor scooter and he was going very fast, he hit a crack in the sidewalk and went down face first. He did kind of stop himself with his elbows, so that probably saved him from worse problems...but it stung pretty bad for the rest of the night! He pretty much thinks he is Tony Hawk, as opposed to a 3 year old boy. So when little boys act like big boys, they get big boy wounds! He is fine though, just another exciting story to tell...and some cool pictures to remember it by!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have been tagged

I have officially been tagged for the first time, thanks to my sweet cousin Kristine! So here it goes!
3 Joys
*Tanner...of course!

3 Fears
*I am terrified of hotel beds. They freak me out. I admit, I have gotten better, but they still scare me.
*Anything bad happening to any of my family members.
*Freaky people that live in my apartment complex! That might be judgemental, but there are some weirdos!

Current Obsessions/Collections-
*Online scrap booking.
*Girl clothes and names!

3 Random Facts about myself
*I cannot put mascara on without it getting all over my upper lids. So I always have to have Q-tips when I do my makeup.
*I was voted "most likely to be in a soap opera" my Senior year of high school.
*I used to imagine what my kids and husband would be like when I grew up, and I would write stories about our lives. Now I am living the real story, and it is great!

Alright, so that is it! Now I tag Crystal, Stacia, and Amber!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tanner's a Big Boy Now

I am very excited to say that Tanner is officially potty trained. After a couple days of dedication and persistence (and some wet accidents) he has it down! I knew I wanted to try and get him trained before we had the baby, so I am really happy that I will get my first break from changing diapers in almost 4 years! Granted, it will just be a 4 month break...but I will take what I can get! We took him to Walmart today and let him pick out underwear...he chose boxer briefs just like his Dad and brother wear! As I was taking his picture some sort of underwear supermodel spirit possessed him! The pictures are so funny and priceless. They really show his personality. I swear, I did not tell him to do any of the poses. It was all on his own! We are so proud of Tanner!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Nights

I have recently come to the conclusion that summer is a time when my boys look a little homeless, and that is okay with me. Or at least, I am learning to be okay with it. Summer is a time for baseball games at our house...which means dirty feet, hands, faces...okay pretty much every part of them is covered in dirt. It is also a time for Popsicle's, and Popsicle stained shirts and faces. I usually don't bother doing their hair..which is why I just got Ty's practically buzzed. Another thing that I am learning to accept as a mother, is that sometimes my kids want to wear things out in public that horrifies me! I used to never understand why parents would let their kids pick out silly outfits to wear. I never understood it...until I had Tanner. If he gets his mind set on wearing something, no matter what I say or do, he will cry and be upset and drive me crazy, until I let him wear it. Tytan is different. I can always reason with him, explain fashion and matching, and he will wear what I tell him. But today he told me he wanted to wear his Rockies shirt that he wore last night to the game, as well as to bed, with camouflage shorts and cowboy boots. So I didn't even argue and I let him. If Tanner always gets to wear what he wants, why shouldn't Ty? In the slideshow you will see just what I am talking about, along with their latest thing that Casey taught them..putting grass in their mouth. Also, we found a snake outside our door, which of course they wanted to hold while I used all my will power not to scream and squeal as they did. If you look closely you will notice Tanner holding it, and then dropping it. I love summer!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend to report about. On Friday we went to a waterpark called Pirate's Cove. It is small and really geared towards kids. So they have a fun kiddie area with water shooters, slides, and a pirate ship. I was so surprised to see Tytan jump right in the water and swim around like a fish! Under the water and everything. It may not seem like such a big deal to most, but considering the limited amount we swim, he is doing really well. He will be swimming on his own in no time. He was under the water as much as possible, and his eyes were bright pink by the end of the day from opening them so much. Tanner, was hesitant at first...but about two hours into the day he was going under the water and holding his breath too. It was a fun day. But not exactly waterpark weather. I mean it was 75 degrees, which is warm for us, but once you got out of the water you were freezing! I didn't want to take my camera, so we don't have any pictures from that fun day. But then on Saturday we decided to hike a popular biking/hiking trail called Waterton Canyon. We hiked a total of 5 miles, which was way more than I had been wanting to do. But I am glad we did it. Since it was a dirt road trail Casey was able to push the boys in their stroller, which is why we were able to go as far as we did. Casey, who is so in shape now, had no troubles and was always stopping and waiting for me to catch up. When he would get a ways ahead and I was walking by myself I would get flashbacks to my teenage years when my parents would make pit stops on road trips and make us go on hikes. I absolutely detested it, and had a bad attitude the entire time! I would beg to stay in the car, but they would never let me. And occasionally I would find myself having the same, whiny thoughts. But, of course I now have a different perspective. I enjoy the beauty around me, constantly thinking of what would be a good photographic opportunity. I love watching the wonder and excitement in my boys eyes as they see new things. And now, I wonder if this little girl growing inside me will one day grow to whine and complain as she forges along a trail behind her brothers. After all, they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Check out the pictures and some more are at

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The big news!

This morning we woke up with much anticipation about what the gender would be of our new baby! I decided that I would let Casey's family know, who would be waiting anxiously for us to return from our ultrasound, by wearing a blue shirt if it was a boy or a pink shirt if it was a girl.

Well, the verdict is in! After getting to see the ultrasound of our healthy baby kicking and moving around, this is the shirt that I wore home!!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!! We are excited!

We are thankful for all our blessings, and to know that we have a healthy baby girl on the way. The only problem now will be containing myself from shopping like crazy! But truly, we feel so blessed to have a little girl on the way, and look forward to the addition she will be to our family!