Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nice Weather

We had some nice weather and were finally able to have some fun at the park!

For some reason I can never get pictures of them together! Oh well, warm weather is on its way and we can't wait!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Casa Bonita....bonita pero HORRIBLE!

On Saturday we had to go downtown to pick up my repaired camera lens. FINALLY! And since we were down there, I talked Casey into taking us to a Mexican restaurant I saw on the internet and thought that it would be a fun family lunch. Fun, yes. Good food? NO WAY! This picture of Casey pretty much sums up what we thought of the food.

And if you know Casey, you know he is a. not a picky eater b. loves all Latin food c. will eat anything. So, for him to think it was this disgusting, you know there was something wrong. It was still a fun atmosphere, and very cool looking.

The pretty fountain out front.

Tytan liked his taco.

Tanner liked the Spanish rice.

We went into a very scary cave, watched cliff divers, and flame throwers. It was a neat place. If only they could do something about that food! Also, I am thrilled to have my wonderful camera back! If you want to check out some more pictures from the day you can go to